Sunday, 26 July 2015

What's the F*cking Rush For?

What the fuck are people rushing for?

School, youth…is it really that bad? Yeah, classes are boring as. Yeah, exams suck. Studying sucks. Especially when it seems like there’s absolutely no point.

But is it really all bad? We meet some amazing people through school and university, make some everlasting memories never to be forgotten. We laugh, we mess around, go crazy and experience some amazing things throughout our youth that will help us find our way through this puzzle that is life. And quite frankly, our biggest worries during these years are over whether we pass an exam or not, which in all honesty will probably end up having little impact on how our lives turn out to be in the long run or what path we decide to take.

At least when we’re at school, we’re guided and safeguarded by our parents – no rent, no bills, no taxes… Is what comes next going to be much better? Aside from a lucky few, most of us are going to have to work 9-5 (or longer) jobs for many years to come. Sure, if we take the right steps we’ll find jobs we enjoy, and if we do, as the saying goes, I’m sure it’ll feel as though we don’t have to work a day in our lives.

I can see why people look forward to that. The prospect of doing something I love as a career and seeing that guide me through life onto better things excites me as well. But what I struggle to understand is why a lot of people, many of my friends included, are so rushed to get through school and university, wishing their youth away.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to bring you down by suggesting that the next chapter of our lives is going to be shit or anything. I’m simply asking why we don’t try and enjoy the good things instead of wishing to be done with it as soon as possible only to start a new phase full of more work and more responsibility.

We’re only young once. When I think back, I already can’t believe how fast time’s gone by, and the fact that I’m almost done with university baffles me every single time the thought crosses my mind. The fact that I will soon have to start making some serious decisions that will help me pave my way through life frightens me in a way, and I am constantly reminded of how the years are slipping away in the blink of an eye…

The thing that comforts me the most is that speaking from my own experience, I’ve done my best throughout the years to enjoy every single moment, rather than to focus on the negatives. I always tried to tell myself how quickly time would pass by, and I was always aware that the next chapter of life is going to be a lot tougher, and a lot more serious.

I’m not going to lie, I miss high school, and I will most certainly miss university. I also know many people who hated school back then but now wish they could go back to those days when everything was a lot simpler.

Yes, I look forward to the next chapter, but I’m still wondering, what the fuck is everyone rushing for?

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