Sunday, 19 July 2015

Life is Worth The Struggle

Give yourself credit. Take a step back every now and then to reflect on things and remember not to be too harsh on yourself.

I mean seriously, why do our inner voices have to be so critical and so cynical? When we look at others around us and evaluate some of the things they’ve gone through, how do we react? When it comes to analysing our own selves, we’re like our own worst enemy. That inner voice is a bitch, ignore it.

I try and remind myself every now and then to take a step back, take some alone time to reflect on things and recognise how far I’ve come over the years. Yes, I talk to myself sometimes, and I have my own inner dialogue with regards to what I’ve achieved, and I analyse these the way I would if a friend of mine was telling me his life story.

Of course, none of us are perfect – we all face similar challenges in life and just like you, I also manage to bring myself down from time to time. But in those situations we have to remember that as long as we are breathing and as long as the world keeps spinning, we have time to make our dreams come true. I believe that with all my heart.

We can all make an impact on this world, we can change things for the better, and we can leave our mark on this world. I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest dreams is to somehow leave a mark on this world – I have no idea how I would do that at the moment, but I believe there is a way and I believe I will figure it out, and I think that’s the most important part – believing until your very last breath, even when you’ve lost all reason to believe.

Be proud, and be strong, brave souls. Yes, we all have different life paths and endure different circumstances from both ends of the extremely broad spectrum of life, but if you’re reading this, no matter what you’re going through I believe you have a glimpse of hope and strength within you, and I bet you’ve overcome some amazing things. You have great things in your life too, I’m sure. Sometimes the best things in our lives we take for granted, or we drive away from ourselves. Love and happiness often come from these things – we just need to remember to appreciate them, to reincorporate them into our lives and remember how blessed we are. Believe in yourself, and stay strong.

PS: If you’re looking for a good book to read, I highly recommend The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer – a book about finding inner peace and making the best of the amazing journey that is life.


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