Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Time Travel

Tick tock, tick tock.

He gazed at the clock. The record kept playing. He lost himself for a moment. Back and forth through time, he swayed. 

Good times, good times…

The party was over…Everyone had gone. He cleaned up, suddenly coming to the realisation that although some of them would return, most of them had left never to be seen again. "We'll cross paths again some day" he thought, but even he had difficulty believing his own assurances.

"We'll keep in touch…"

Voices echoed in the distance. Promises made, but never kept. "Story of my life", he thought. The rain came down harder than ever.

Lies, lies, lies

It occurred to him then. Words were negligible. From that moment, he remembered: the only way to really know someone was sincere was through their actions.

Where did the time go?

He was angry still, but he could not help but miss it all. Days had dissipated like ice in the burning sun. The remains were like a single drop in an ocean of tears - insignificant somewhat. Untraceable. Echoing voices, empty laughter, and mental snapshots of moments never to be forgotten preserved in a corner of his mind to become everlasting memories.

The song kept playing…

He snapped back to reality in that moment, as the finest of Yellowcard kept playing. He sang to himself at the top of his lungs the very words he so desperately needed to hear. "Someday, everything ends. Can we find a way back before we're too late, and lost in between the truth and the dream - I've never been more ready to move on." And in that moment, the future in his heart was just about to start. He just didn't know it yet.

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