Thursday, 2 July 2015


The dark is your enemy.

It breeds pain, it breeds sadness, it breeds misery. It drags you through a time tunnel, with visions of your past waiting to haunt your will to sleep away.

Sometimes there's something so peculiar about it, a bittersweet feel to it which tricks you into thinking that you could somehow find some sort of peace and comfort within that realm of darkness and misery. 

Sometimes I find myself just not wanting to turn that metaphorical light back on in my life. To drown everything out in the sorrow and to blame it all on self-induced affairs that you're convinced are actually the horrible results of other peoples careless actions seems so much simpler. You almost refuse to bring back the happiness, the hope, the love and the faith back into your life because it's like stepping out of your comfort zone.

When faced with such a situation, remember to push yourself to enlighten your world yet again, before you get lost in that darkness forever.

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